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Supplemental Security Income

Tapping into Social Security Disability

Attorneys at the Social Security law firm of David Allen & Associates Sacramento explain that there are federal benefits for disabled people with little or no income. Our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys say that some people do not meet the work history requirements for SSDI benefits, but are able to collect Supplemental Social Security Income. Lawyers add that there are specific requirements for eligibility for SSI. If you are under 65 and not blind, our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys say you must first meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability. Secondly, our Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers report that you must have limited income and resources to qualify for Social Security Insurance.

Our Sacramento Disability attorneys add that you must also apply to any other potential sources of disability benefits in addition to Social Security. Disability attorneys at David Allen & Associates help you determine whether you may qualify for Social Security Insurance benefits and we guide your case through the approval process.

How to Apply for Supplemental Social Security Benefits

Our Sacramento Attorneys say applicants can fill out the Adult Disability Report online. But, our Social Security disability lawyers caution the actual application must be completed over the phone or in person at your nearest Social Security office. Attorneys point out that your phone or office contact, although required, does not give you the opportunity to discuss the merits of your application for Social Security Insurance. Our Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers explain that the Social Security Administration clerk will simply help you fill out and file your application for Social Security. Lawyers say that you will later receive a notice in the mail letting you know about approval or denial of your Social Security benefits. Lawyers at David Allen & Associates Sacramento regret to report that denials are common in applications for Social Security benefits.

Attorneys Outline Steps to Challenge Denials of Social Security Insurance

Attorneys say that all applicants have the right to ask for reconsideration of a denial of Social Security. Our lawyers outline four steps to take:
  • Reconsideration – Our Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers say you may ask another claims examiner to review your case. You can file for this yourself, or our Sacramento Social security Disability attorneys can help you provide additional evidence in support of your claim.
  • Hearing – Social Security attorneys say an administrative law judge can hear your case. This is the stage at which you absolutely need legal representation by our Sacramento professional Social Security attorneys. Many cases are successfully resolved at these hearings, but few are resolved without the assistance of a skilled Social Security disability lawyer.
  • Appeal – If your Social Security disability attorney is unable to resolve your claim at the hearing, we request a review of your case by the SSA Appeals Council. Our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys put together a compelling presentation showing your eligibility for SSI benefits.
  • Federal Lawsuit – Your Social Security attorney filing a lawsuit in federal court is rare in SSI cases, but not unheard of. If your appeal was denied, our Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers assess your situation and advise you on how likely you are to prevail in a federal lawsuit for Social Security benefits.

Attorneys Help People Keep All Options Open for Social Security

Attorneys know that when you are disabled and have no work history, Supplemental Security Income may be your only source for weekly payments to support yourself and your family. Our Sacramento Social Security Disability lawyers know how to help you get Social Security disability benefits. Attorneys at David Allen & Associates are experienced and committed to your success. Contact our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorneys online or call us at (877) 876-4800 to make an appointment for a free consultation. You do not pay our Sacramento Social Security Disability attorney's fees unless we successfully help you collect disability benefits.

To see detail information on how to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits in the City of Stockton, Modesto, San Jose and Sacramento, please click on the links above.

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