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David Allen Legal Tuesday: Social Security Disability – Today’s Bad News
Video Uploaded on: 5/22/2018         

Attorney David Allen discusses the current stagnation impacting Social Security Disability. Over 1 million people waiting for hearings. Over 70,000 people waiting for decision after the hearing. He makes various observations based upon representing those seeking disability payments. Simple suggestions are made that can significantly reduce the wait times and bring some correction to a broken system.

Private Disability Ins. v.s. Social Security Disability
Video Uploaded on: 5/30/2017         

Attorney David Allen discusses the difference between two disability programs that many people are confused by; Private Disability Insurance (a.k.a. Long Term Disability Insurance) and Social Security Disability.

Social Security Benefits
Video Uploaded on: 9/29/2015         

Attorney David Allen explains basic elements necessary for approval of Social Security disability benefits.

Lots of Social Security Disability Claims - Why?
Video Uploaded on: 9/1/2015         

Attorney David Allen comments on the large number of social theory disability case is now being filed. He points out the criteria which is necessary to be approved for Social Security disability. He also provides an explanation for the large number of applications and approvals which are now taking place.

Taxes and Social Security Disability Payments
Video Uploaded on: 11/6/2013         

Attorney David Allen explains the way long-term disability insurance companies reduce payments. He examines a case in which an insured is required to pay to an insurance company the entire amount he received from Social Security disability. In addition to being required to make the payment by the terms of the disability insurance policy the insured also faced a tax bill from the IRS. He argued the tax was not due since he never received the money. It went directly to an insurance company. The IRS argued it was still income that needed to be taxed. The case was decided by the US Tax Court.

US Supreme Court Decides Whether an In Vitro Child is an Heir for Social Security Purposes
Video Uploaded on: 7/25/2012         

In vitro fertilization can produce a child long after the father is dead. Attorney David Allen discusses a case in which the parents sought Social Security survivor benefits for children who were born 18 months after the father died from cancer. The federal district trial court denied benefits saying that the Florida law defining heirs excluded people born later than nine months after the death of the father. The third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the children could receive Social Security survivor benefits because their father was the biological father, even though he died 18 months before the children were born. The US Supreme Court finally resolved the case.

Iowa Girl Conceived after Father's Death Applies for Social Security
Video Uploaded on: 9/27/2011         

Attorney David Allen reviews the implications of a case arising from the birth of a girl more than nine months after the death of her father. The mother of the child was married to a man who died before she became pregnant. She used frozen sperm from her deceased husband and through in vitro fertilization became pregnant. She filed for Social Security survivor benefits for her daughter. The Social Security Administration argued the applicable law failed to consider the deceased father as her parent and denied benefits. The federal courts decided the case.

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